18 February 2016

Further evidence on the NSU’s robberies.

Today the court was to hear further witnesses on the bank robbery in October 2006. However, before they could be called, the trial was interrupted for some time as the Wohlleben defense wanted to challenge all judges for alleged bias. This challenge is, like many before it, obviously without merit: towards the end of one of its decisions denying motions for evidence by victims’ counsel, the court had not used the phrase “the crimes the accused are charged with”, but instead used “the crimes of the accused” – an infelicitous phrasing, but obviously no sign for a pre-judgment on the guilt of the accused.

It will be up to another chamber of the Court of Appeals to reject this challenge for bias. Today, the court continued the trial and heard the four witnesses on the bank robbery in October 2006. They all confirmed the statements of earlier witnesses, especially concerning the brutality of the perpetrator. All of them suffered from psychological consequences such as nervousness, anxiety etc. for quite some time.