9 March 2016

Further statement of accused Carsten Schultze

Today the court first heard two federal criminal police detectives who were part of the team that searched the mobile home in Eisenach in which Böhnhardt and Mundlos had killed themselves. The witnesses found several weapons, including a machine pistol. Another colleague of today’s witnesses, who found several more guns, will testify next week.

The presiding judge then gave the floor to accused Schultze for additional statements. Schultze had already made a detailed statement – albeit one seriously downplaying his own role – at the beginning of the trial (see the reports of 4 June 2013, 5 June 2013, 11 June 2013, 12/13 June 2013, 18 June 2013, 19/20 June 2013 and 10 October 2013). Now he wished to make an additional statement after several former “comrades” of his, particularly from the youth organization of the Nazi party NPD, the “Young National Democrats” (JN), had testified.

Schultze only made a short statement today –apparently he felt it important to state again that he had not had a leading position in the NPD or JN. He also confirmed his earlier statements on his role vis-à-vis Wohlleben: it had been Wohlleben who had decided what was to happen, it had been Wohlleben who had told him to buy the gun in the scene shop “Madleys”, Wohlleben who had provided the money.