13 November 2013

Andreas Schulz was supposed to testify today. He was proprietor, with Frank Liebau, of the Nazi shop „Medley“. He had stated to the police that he had provided the Ceska pistol to Wohlleben and Schulze.

Defence counsel for Wohlleben and Zschäpe moved that the witness be instructed that he has a right to refuse to testify. The court interrupted the trial several times for closed discussions. Finally, the witness was instructed that he had a right to refuse to testify since there was at least a preliminary suspicion of aiding and abetting murder. He stated that he wanted to talk to a lawyer, but did not have one present. The trial was interrupted again.

This may well backfire on the Wohlleben defence. The court will now likely hear the police officers who interrogated Schulz earlier. In these interrogations, he had incriminated both Wohlleben and Schultze; it is likely that the police officers will confirm this. Among other issues, Schulz had stated that Schultze had insisted on a silenced pistol from the get-go and that Wohlleben had been involved. The Wohlleben defence will now be unable to question the witness on these issues.

In the afternoon, victims’ counsel for the Yozgat und Kubaşik families brought several motions aiming at having the entire case file of the investigation against secret service officer Andreas Temme made part of the case file for the current proceedings and ultimately at illuminiating the acts of obfuscation by the Hessian secret service.