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7 October 2015

On the debate on violence within the “Kameradschaft Jena”, and on Meral K.

Yesterday, the scandal concerning private accessory prosecutor Meral K., who apparently does not exist and who was represented until last week by attorney Ralph Willms, reached the courtroom in Munich. After presiding judge Goetzl had summoned her several times and had put massive pressure on her counsel to tell the court where his client was, Willms now issued a statement in writing claiming that he was deceived and that his supposed client did not exist after all. Willms went on to claim that another private prosecutor had offered to connect him to Meral K. for a fee, which he had paid. He claimed that he had only now found out that his client did not exist and that he had pressed charged against the “broker”. According to Willms, he had not realized until now that the doctor’s note which he had sent to the court was faked. Continue reading