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13 October 2015

More pointless motions from the Zschäpe Wohlleben defense

Today the court was about to start taking evidence on notes found in the NSU apartment in the Frühlingsstraße detailing their scouting out potential victims. However, the defense again kept the court from this endeavor by way of pointless motions:

The court began by rejecting the motion by the Wohlleben defense to suspend the hearing and release Wohlleben from detention. His defense responded by first asking for an interruption and then bringing a motion for reconsideration, claiming that the court had failed to take into account inter alia statement by Zschäpe’s assigned counsel that they were unable to conduct a proper defense.

The Zschäpe defense remained entirely passive throughout the whole event – even counsel Grasel, who last week had declared that Zschäpe joined the Wohlleben defense motion, now did not even join the motion for reconsideration. Continue reading