Daily Archives: 22. October 2015

22 October 2015

More witnesses on the documents showing the NSU scouting out potential victims.

The first witness today, a federal criminal police detective, had evaluated the maps of the city of Kiel found in the Frühlingsstraße apartment. As to the contents of these documents, his testimony was far from spectacular. However, in describing the institutions listed, the witness several times referred to “Islamist” institutions when he meant “Islamic” ones, and when the presiding judge asked him about his terms, dug his own hole ever deeper: “I mean oriental, Ottoman, …”, generally institutions representing people with “backgrounds differing from that of the German Volk itself”. As is to be expected, this lead to murmurs of contradiction within the courtroom and in the public gallery. In reaction to these, Wohlleben defense counsel again showed his rightwing tendencies and loudly asked the presiding judge to restore order in the court.
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