Daily Archives: 14. October 2015

14 October 2015

The defense continues its desperate motions. And: Lies and Trivialization, Part 16 – Mario Brehme once more.

Today the court rejected the motion for reconsideration brought yesterday by the Wohlleben defense. After a long recess requested by the Wohlleben defense, counsel Klemke read out a challenge for bias brought by his client against all judges. Once more, the reasoning was limited to the infighting within the Zschäpe defense, with only one meager sentence at the end devoted to trying to show its relevance to Wohlleben’s case. Counsel Grasel announced that Zschäpe “joined” the challenge for bias. It will be up to other judges of the court to find that these challenges lack any merit. Presiding judge Götzl decided not to wait for their decision, but to continue the trial in the meantime. Continue reading