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28 October 2015

Motions for evidence concerning the „exit“ of accused Gerlach from the Nazi scene

The only witness today had also dealt with the NSU notes from their scouting out potential victims. A map of Northern Germany showed a marking concerning an industrial estate in western Mecklenburg. Investigations showed that there was a printer’s shop which had been searched during the investigation into prohibited Nazi music.

Victims’ counsel then brought several motions for evidence concerning the claimed “exit” of accused Gerlach from the Nazi scene. Gerlach had claimed in court that he had begun distancing himself mentally from the Nazi scene since 1999 and had finally “exited” the scene in 2004, but had visited two Nazi demonstrations after that time (on his statement in court, see the report of 3 June 2013). The evidence will show that these claims are untrue: In 2002/2003, Continue reading